Pasadena, California, Criminal Law Defense Attorneys Fountain & Hattersley:
Help Mitigate the Consequences for Minors

Having a Juvenile Court Petition sustained and ending up with a juvenile record is no way to start out in this world. With the help of an experienced Juvenile Defense Attorney, a juvenile arrest, while a frightening experience, can be turned into an opportunity for help and guidance.

Located in Pasadena, the Criminal Defense Attorneys at Fountain & Hattersley have extensive experience in handling Juvenile Defense cases. Attorney Patricia Hattersley has devoted more than 20 years of her practice in defending minors charged with crimes.

The goal of the Pasadena, California, criminal defense lawyers at Fountain & Hattersley is to mitigate the consequences for juvenile offenders. The firm’s attorneys work to get children into appropriate programs, back in school, into counseling, and back on track in their young lives.

Whatever the criminal charge – probation violation, runaway, curfew violations, underage alcohol consumption and possession, drug use, arson, speeding, driving without a license, assault and battery, theft, gang-related activities, trespassing, sexual misconduct or other crimes – the juvenile defense lawyers at Fountain & Hattersley aggressively defend clients. They talk straight with clients and their families, making sure all involved understand the seriousness of the situation and what can be done to help.

The juvenile defense attorneys at Fountain & Hattersley maintain close client and family communications and they don’t break promises to clients. Both attorneys are successful trial lawyers who take client problems to heart. The attorneys have excellent relationships with the juvenile court authorities, resulting in productive negotiations on each client’s behalf.

  • Juvenile Theft Crimes
  • Juvenile Drug Crimes
  • Petty Theft and Shoplifting
  • Burglary
  • Auto Theft and Carjacking
  • Drug and Alcohol Cases
  • Assault Cases
  • Gang Related Cases
  • Murder or Attempted Murder
  • Hit and Run Auto Cases

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Put in your corner a team of criminal defense lawyers with a reputation for obtaining results and zealously fighting for your rights. In all juvenile court proceedings, Fountain & Hattersley will fight to obtain the best possible result while giving you excellent, experienced counsel and advice. Schedule a free initial telephone consultation to discuss your situation or criminal charges by calling us at (626) 793-4111. If you prefer, you can fill out our intake form and we will contact you.

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